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Thanks so much for participating in this wonderful event! Cameron Thomas worked so hard to bring this to you to enlighten and inform and delight you with so much dog training knowledge. We all so much love to talk about dogs and get new ideas to make our own dog training shine!

Also ... Thanks for enjoying my presentation so much that you decided to take a look at more of my training and philosophy. Don’t forget there are also lots more free videos, essays and other training tips on my web site. You can also sign up for my “Starter Kit.” It’s FREE! Take advantage of it! ; )

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Brenda’s Brain Paradigm

Here is a preview of some of the "science" of Dog Training that is available in my online course, The Engaged Dog. You can check out more about The Engaged Dog course here: brendaaloff.com/virtual-academy/the-engaged-dog

Brains are a big deal! Brains define you and your behaviour. How does the dog’s brain affect your dog training? Every Day in Every Way!

Here is a basic explanation that any dog trainer will learn and benefit from.



Body Language

What is the difference between a Tongue Flick vs a Lip Lick and Why Should I Care?

Body Language is how your dog talks to you. It is a vital part of the interactions between you and your dog, and the more you know about your dog’s native language - body language - the more bonded, the more communicative and the more effective you will be in your dog training and your dog relationships.




Big Problems With Reactivity - In Trainers

Here is a Podcast that is about a big problem in dogs. Reactive TRAINERS. Enjoy.



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Your Starter Kit with Brenda Aloff

I am so glad to see you here! My teaching philosophy is based on empowering students and teaching them how to make good training decisions.

My students not only improve their performance in their particular venue, whether that is SAR work, Competition Obedience, Agility, Tracking - you name it - but they also find that the relationship they have with their dog is more comfortable and loving.

Please enjoy the learning tools I've included in the Starter Kit.  

~Brenda Aloff

Four Skills to Develop as a Dog Trainer
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Become aware of the FOUR important areas that you can assess and develop in yourself to best train your dog.
Brenda provides two podcasts to increase your knowledge base:

Three Kinds of Walking

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Here are two training videos to get you started.  To learn more, join Brenda's online course, The Engaged Dog.  She also has many informative books and DVDs.