Mini Sessions

Whether you need a refresher course or wish to learn a new and better behavior with your canine companion, we have a class for you.

Impulse Control

The foundation to teaching a dog to exhibit self-control. Learn ways to communicate to your dog, "This is not available to you right now". Exercises are taught to reinforce the Leave It command in a non-punitive a language your dog understands!


Does your dog ignore you when you call his name? Or worse, run in the opposite direction? Learn exercises that will reinforce name recognition and coming when called.

Loose Leash Walking

Does constant pulling take all the fun out of your walks? Learn techniques to make that daily walk safer and more enjoyable. This two session class will also review the pros and cons of various collars and head halters.

Please email to reserve your spot. Then complete and mail your registration form (see above to download registration form).

Class fee: TBA. Classes fill quickly - registrations are accepted on a first come basis. Our classes are limited in size so appropriate attention is given to each dog.