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Free Training Tips from Brenda Aloff...

As you know, love is not enough: It takes mechanical skills, knowledge of learning theory, open-mindedness and a great big dose of curiosity to be a humane and effective dog trainer. Elegant and effective dog training is not happenstance!

I love to teach and want to see you and your dog shine in all circumstances! So I've put together a short series tips to help you. I also invite you to join me and a group of like-minded students for 6 months of transforming education in my Virtual Academy online course, The Engaged Dog.


Dog Training Tip #1

Engaged Dog Video: Introducing the Puppy to the Resident Adult Dog

This video shows a training session with a 6 1/2 week old puppy. The topics include: Introducing a new puppy to the resident dog, sit restraint, down restraint and nail clipping.


Dog Training Tip #2

Engaged Dog Video: Intro to Precision Heelwork

This video shows a training session introducing Precision Competition-Style Heelwork.


Dog Training Tip #3

Tugging: Building Attentiveness and Backchaining

This podcast covers the use of Tugging and the rules of engagement, along with Reinforcing out of silence. We also discuss Backchaining.

Everybody's Talking About Reinforcement Schedules in Dog Training!

Here’s to lovely conversation! Mostly about dogs (wink, grin). Everybody is talking about it!


Dog Training Tip #4

Reinforcement Delivery and Silence

This podcast covers reinforcement Delivery and the use of silence during training.


Dog Training Tip #5

Essential Exercises for the Engaged Dog

Do you wish your dog was so "In It With You” that distracting environments did not matter? That you could create perfect exercises, without diminishing your dog’s drive and yet constantly improving his or her commitment to working with you? Regardless of your dog sport, be it Agility, Obedience, SAR work, Scent Work, Protection Work - you name it - my system works!

What I learned from my dogs and from clients' dogs (and through a lot of study of learning theories and experimenting with different techniques!) taught me how to organize a set of exercises into a system - I think of my system as Foundation Behaviours For Every Dog.  They are, in short, a series of exercises that create The Engaged Dog. You can have it, too!

Essential Exercises for the Engaged Dog, Part 1:

Essential Exercises for the Engaged Dog, Part 2:

Essential Exercises for the Engaged Dog, Part 3:



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Live Coaching Call Recording

This video records a live coaching call for the Engaged Dog Course in the Virtual Academy. The coaching calls are always such a fun time! This call discusses one of the most important exercises - The Stand By Cue - among other topics!

These coaching calls are so varied in their content - students come up with fantastic questions. This helps us all learn, as we know all dogs are individuals! Therefore, we must constantly tweak our training programs in order to accommodate different dogs and different dog/owner dynamics.

Happy Training!  ~Brenda


Feel free to share with anyone you think would enjoy learning about my training protocols.