1. Workshop Introduction

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Let's Get Started

1.1 Welcome to Canine Body Language

Relationships are built on communication, so having a common language that both sides can understand is of paramount importance. Part of that is the lingua franca of the training language that you create with your dog.

But before that…there is instinct and the dog’s native language. The one HE comes with. How well do you really “speak dog?”

First, listen to this audio file (mp3 file)

 Now, watch the video, Welcome to Canine Body Language!

1.2 Why Should I Care?

Enjoy this video excerpt, Why Should I Care, from a Webinar I did for the UK Pet Dog Assn (APBC).


1.3 How to "Talk Dog"

This next audio (mp3 file) is a reading from my book, Canine Body Language. It is in Section 6 and begins on page 267, if you would like to follow along. As you listen, remember, go back and study the pictures in the book. They were chosen carefully so you can educate yourself about how to “talk dog.”


1.4 Resource Guarding

In this next video, you can clearly see the Resource Guarding behaviour displayed by the blonde on the left of the screen. The Freezing, the Closed Mouth… The Approacher does micro freezes, as well. There is a lot of initial tension in this interaction.

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