Webinar Introduction

I created this FREE webinar to acquaint you with the exercises I think are ESSENTIAL. I know everybody trains Eye Contact and at least longs for Impulse Control! Body work is often not as emphasized as I think it deserves. Understanding kinesthetic learning is essential to understanding dogs. Because of my work with horses, I know that it makes the difference between success and failure.

Also, HOW you teach these exercises matters. A great deal. I have had very experienced trainers, some of them top competitors, say to me, “I already teach that.” But after our lesson, they say, “Ohhhh. I understand better now.” It’s not that they do not know how to train. It is isn’t even that I am a better trainer than they are, because I certainly am not - in their specialty.

It does seem that I have a perspective that animals understand very well, and I feel that is how I can serve the Dog Training Community best: as a liaison between human and dog. A relationship counselor of sorts. I mean this humorously, but it can be very serious business sometimes.

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