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Introducing your puppy to your resident dog can be wonderful - or frightening - and end in injury or trauma for the puppy, the resident dog and/or you! A neutral place is best if you can arrange for it. Some dogs are not territorial, in which case that can matter less, but if possible, I always arrange for a neutral location.

Introducing a New Puppy to the Resident Adult Dog

My long time clients, Marguerite and Dave have chosen a new puppy. Today, the puppy is on a field trip, at my place. We are going to introduce Wyndsor, the resident adult dog, to the new puppy in a neutral setting. (video is 21 minutes)

Note: By the way, this puppy is named Bailey. She is now 4 years old and doing super fine in her agility work. Training Happiness! 

If you haven’t already, were I you, I would view the free lesson in my webinar titled Why Restraint Tolerance (coming soon!). Having a good Sit Restraint can be super helpful in teaching a young puppy to have a little patience and manners. It will really help your resident dog to feel much more comfortable when you can control the puppy, even if it’s just a little bit!

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