1. Workshop Introduction

1.1 Introduction

Welcome to The Performance Puppy - with Brenda Aloff. And Thanks to Betsy & Linda of Top Dog in Flanders, New Jersey! When we originally planned this clinic, back in pre-Covid-19 days, we all thought that Linda would pick me up from the airport as always, we would meet up with Betsy at Top Dog, work dogs a bit, and go have a lovely meal, lively with conversation. Well….

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When we realized what we were up against, we collaborated and came up with a solution that fit the times.

Thanks to Betsy (Intrepid Entrepreneur) and Linda (Stupendous Techie) and my Amazing Web Guru, Vicky, we managed, through a “The Show Must Go On” attitude to bring you this webinar, combined with Zoom Lessons.

I cannot tell you how much your support and quest for knowledge means to us right now. Thanks to all of you for supporting our small businesses through these truly crazy and trying times.

I want to especially thank Betsy and Linda for their willingness to try something new, for flexibility and their warmth and innovative ideas.

1.2 When we look at puppies, all we see is potential. But how do we turn that potential into reality?

When we look at puppies, all we see is potential. But how do we turn that potential into reality?

1.3 Oh, the excitement! The potential!

I love this part! Mostly because I have not yet made any training mistakes with my new puppy! ; ) It’s still all fantasy and wonderfulness. I can see those prizes on my wall, the amazing photographs as mementos of our amazingness.

I have not yet cleaned up any potty accidents, or had the puppy scare me to death with a mishap. The puppy has not yet irritated my other dogs to the point that they correct the puppy, then come to me with accusing, sad eyes: “Seriously? What have you done?” I have not yet inconveniently, at 3AM, stood shivering in the cold in my PJ’s with a coat hastily slipped on, wearing cold shoes with no socks, watching a puppy who said it had to pee, now playing happily with leaves, sticks and - “Ick! What have you got?” and no sign of actually peeing….

1.4 Handling Your Puppy

Handling your puppy is the most important exercise you will do. Handling exercises teach your puppy how to grow up into a safe and tolerant dog, and help your dog to be comfortable with human touch. Handling prepares your dog for veterinarian exams and daily life with humans. Watch this video, which is an excerpt from my DVD, Foundation Exercises for Every Dog.

This DVD can be purchased at this link: https://brendaaloff.com/shop

Betsy & Linda of Top Dog have wonderful DVD's on training Performance Puppies. Shop here: http://www.topdogobedience.com/videos.html