Puppy Chronicles 1 - Virtual Academy

1.1 Andy Wants a Puppy

What’s this? An armload of puppies? Why? Who are they for? Where did they come from?

It all begins at some sort of beginning... and this is our starting point. I want to share the magic of shaping the lives of our dogs.

  • Where does it all begin?
  • At what age can we influence how our dogs feel and think about learning and living with people?
  • What are the important points?
  • Where should we best spend our time and energy with very early training?
  • What are we trusting our breeders with?

These are just a few of the ideas we are going to explore in this class - which is part learning (like a class) and part story.

Before we get to the serious stuff, it’s sometimes fun to have dessert first. And there’s always that Back Story…

Solve the Mystery! Watch the video.

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