The Engaged Dog - Dog Trainer Training by Brenda Aloff

0.1 What Is Your Training Philosophy?

What Is Training? Do You Know What Your Philosophy Is?

shreddedbookIt took me many years of dog training to figure out what worked and what didn’t and a lot of thinking about why. You will get to hear about some of my adventures in training and a few of the ideas I have developed to help me understand it. I have since used this material to explain dog training concepts to thousands of people.

Dog training is not a simple task. People like to present it simplistically, with a lot of “one size fits all” solutions. I bet this hasn’t worked any better for you than it did for me. Then there are the many Dog Training Myths ... more like half-truths or fully false statements that people toss around as if they are truths.

Many of you are here because you are either the owner of a problem dog or a dog you are struggling to understand. That is how I got so involved in dog training myself! I had some bad actors, but I loved them and wanted to understand them. I felt the more I understood, the better I could help them - and me! My sanity counts, too!

Maybe you are involved in working or sport dogs and want to raise those scores and improve the communication between you and your dog. Or you might be, also like myself, insatiably curious. You love dog training so much you think about it all the time. It consumes your thoughts and you enjoy talking about dogs and how they learn. You are dog-obsessed.  If any of this describes you ....

Welcome, all! You have found your tribe!

First, here are some Tips on How To Take This Course:


Everyone, download the Let's Get Acquainted Study Guide, see below. Read the material in your Study Guide. It is to get you thinking about how you train dogs, and what they think about your training, your approaches and your manner. It is also to encourage you to think about the process of training and how you want to train with your dog.

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