The Engaged Dog - Dog Trainer Training by Brenda Aloff

0.4 Training Perspectives

Read Training Perspectives in your Study Guide. Then Listen to Why Doesn’t He Understand?

Listen to Why Doesn't He Understand?


Most dogs are comfortable with being touched when it is their idea! Not so different from you and I. But dogs must be safe to handle, otherwise they are a liability. If we do not do this in a deliberate and systematic way, then dogs are frightened or get angry (mostly it’s a little bit of both, right?) when we try to dry off their feet or clip their nails. Vet visits can be a nightmare for you, the dog and the veterinarian and vet tech. Dogs can be left with symptoms of trauma and dread.

I believe it is our responsibility to do our best to train our dogs to be accepting of husbandry, and I believe strongly that we must do this in a way that creates trust and respect. Later in this course, we will go over my protocols for handling a dog, over several lessons and in a step-by-step way, but for now, let’s just chat about it a little bit.

Listen to Handling Your Dog For The Relationship: Desensitization, Counter-conditioning, Restraint Tolerance and Body Work

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