The Engaged Dog - Dog Trainer Training by Brenda Aloff

Welcome to "The Engaged Dog" Course!

orientationThis is going to be super fun, as we embark on this learning journey together! As you know, love is not enough: It takes mechanical skills, knowledge of learning theory, open-mindedness and a great big dose of curiosity to be a humane and effective dog trainer.

Elegant and effective dog training is not happenstance and I’m here to help you get there! Each Training Module will find you a more confident and clear Trainer. Go YOU!

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Your First Steps

Watch Brenda's welcome video:

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We are providing lots of written materials to accompany this course. TIP: Course files (handouts) available for download are seen at the bottom of the FIRST lesson in which they are first introduced - just click on the file's name to download it.  After the Orientation, each section has a Study Guide introduced in the first lesson of that section.

You can also download all course files (handouts) in the "Course Files" tab on the home page of this course.

Most of the Study Guides are LARGE pdf files, so please be patient while they download (especially if your internet speed is slow). 

Finally, we suggest you set up a notebook now to organize your downloaded documents and notes

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