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I tell my clients all the time: If you cannot do basic husbandry behaviours, you do not really own your dog.

How can you tell if an animal trusts you? Respects you? You can touch them. It is common for dogs to be uncomfortable with any novel touch. It is common for dogs to only accept touch when it is their idea.

To have a safe and well trained dog, you must be able to touch the feet, hold the feet, check for burrs and any number of everyday handling things that might come up. Treat the eyes, ears, clip nails ... you get the idea.

To avoid the dog being resistant and uncooperative, teach your dog Basic Restraint Tolerance work. Your dog will live a much more relaxed life. Your veterinarian will love you for it. So will the Vet Techs, who often are placed in dangerous situations because people did not train their dog. I have many friends who are Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians. I used to run a boarding kennel. Dogs need to accept handling in order to be considered socially acceptable and to be reasonable to handle.

Why Sit Restraint?  Part I:

Why Sit Restraint?  Part 2:


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