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Aggression in Dogs: Practical Management, Prevention & Behaviour Modification

Help with Aggression in Dogs

Price: $49.95


Aggression in Dogs: Practical Management, Prevention & Behaviour Modification

Learn more about dog aggression and dog behaviour and how to address reactive or aggressive behaviour, with over 400 pages of text, drawings, and photographs. As the book says, aggression has a wide range of manifestations. 

This book does not just discuss aggression. It provides protocols to use for behaviour modification. Starting with prevention, the reader learns about common mistakes owners make to promote aggression in their dog, and how to avoid these mistakes.

In the behaviour modification section, learn about how to build trust with the dog, using positive reinforcement. Brenda Aloff shows how to achieve this level of trust with hundreds of exercises to promote appropriate behaviour and modify inappropriate behaviour. In the practical management section, the reader is prepared for a lifelong regimen of keeping his dog safe.

The exercises in this book will be a salvation for problem dogs and a guide for prevention for others. Anyone involved with dogs will find a wealth of information about dog behaviour in these pages and practical do-able solutions for problems.


Paperback: 418 pages
Publisher: Dogwise Publishing; 1st edition (October 1, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1929242204
ISBN-13: 978-1929242207


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"This book is terrific for owners of any dog. We actually rescued an dog-aggressive dog and actually went to Brenda Aloff for a few sessions. Her advice and exercises helped turn a stressed out little monster into my little princess. My dog isn't magically cured, but by using this book, we've taught her to look to her humans for guidance in stressful situations, instead of just attacking as she would in the past. She knows the rules and was taught them in a completely positive reinforcement manner. I highly recommend this book". ~ A gal with a dog

Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide Interpreting the Native Language of the Domestic Dog

Canine Body Language Photographic Guide

Price: $39.95


Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide

maxwellMedallionThis book received the DWAA Maxwell Medallion Award in 2006 as the Best General Reference Book!

Your dog is talking. Are you listening? More important, are you WATCHING? Dogs are attempting to communicate with humans as well as other dogs all the time. Learn how to interpret their native language the language of body movement, facial expression and proximity to things and other beings.

Canine Body Language is an exhaustive photographic documentation of dogs in their day-to-day activities: Dogs alone, dogs together, dogs in the water, dogs having fun, dogs that are stressed and dogs in relation to human beings. In addition to the incredible photographs, author Brenda Aloff gives the reader detailed descriptions of what is happening in each photograph so that you can build your canine vocabulary.

Never look at dogs in the same way again!

  • Learn how to analyze what you see when observing dogs to prevent problems or improve behaviour.
  • Follow the helpful photographic sequences and text to learn how to identify the subtle changes in canine body posture that tells you what a dog is thinking.
  • Develop a profound appreciation for the intelligence and adaptability of dogs.

Great for professional dog trainers! Use it to teach students important behavioural cues.


Paperback: 370 pages
Publisher: Dogwise Publishing; 1St Edition edition (November 1, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1929242352
ISBN-13: 978-1929242351


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"It is a book that every new dog owner should have a copy of. One can learn so much by watching the dogs expressions and this book tells you what each one means, A lot of trainers could really use this book, and there would likely be a lot less dogs in the shelters if the owners had studied this book when they first got their pup. It is the way your dog talks to you, all you have to do is listen and learn what each expression means. Loved the book." ~Joanne Chanyi

Get Connected with Your Dog: Emphasizing the Relationship While Training Your Dog

Get Connected with Your Dog by Brenda Aloff

Price: $49.95


Get Connected with Your Dog: Emphasizing the Relationship While Training Your Dog

Are you connected with your dog?

Getting connected with your dog is the key to building a relationship in which learning can flourish and the needs of both the dog and the owner are met. Relationships are built on communication, so having a common language that both sides can understand is of paramount importance. Luckily, dogs are masters of body language and you can learn to utilize movement and other kinds of body language to help build an effective communications loop with your dog.

Once you know how to communicate with your dog, that knowledge -combined with positive training techniques - can make you a much more effective trainer. And your dog will become a willing partner, one who trusts you and is willing to work with you to learn behaviours. Over time, your dog will flip the Magic Switch and begin to use the thinking part of his brain (the Frontbrain) more often than just the reactive part of his brain (the Hindbrain). And you will have achieved a huge step forward in your ability to train and interact with your canine companions!

Learn how to:

  • Use subtle body language your dog can understand to direct or redirect your dog's movements.
  • Be consistent and coherent in your interactions with your dogs.
  • Mark and reinforce behaviours you want to encourage.
  • Use exercises shown in the accompanying DVD to build you skill and confidence as a trainer.


Paperback: 395 pages
Publisher: Dogwise Publishing; 1st edition (February 20, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1929242530
ISBN-13: 978-1929242535


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"For the past 12,000 years of human history, domesticated dogs have been man's constant companion, helper, and occasional food source. Dogs come in an immensely diverse profusion of breeds, sizes, and dispositions. A professional dog trainer specializing in canine problem behaviour, Brenda Aloff has produced Get Connected With Your Dog: Emphasizing The Relationship While Training Your Dog, a book/dvd combination training manual that will teach dog owners how to use the subtle language of the body to direct (or redirect) their dog's movements; how to be both consistent and coherent in their interactions with their dogs; and how to identify, mark, reinforce those behaviours to be encouraged from those behaviours to be extinguished. The accompanying 90-minute DVD provides exercises and illustrative examples for building skill and confidence as a trainer. Enhanced with 286 black-and-white photos and an extensive index, Get Connected With Your Dog is an ideal, step-by-step training manual for first-time dog owners as well as aspiring and aspiring dog trainers. A comprehensive, detailed, practical, experienced based, and thoroughly 'user friendly' manual from beginning to end, Get Connected With Your Dog is an especially recommended addition to personal, professional, veterinary school, and community library reference collections and supplemental reading lists." ~James A. Cox

Puppy Problems? No Problem! A Survival Guide for Finding & Training Your New Dog

Puppy Problems Solved - by Brenda Aloff

Price: $39.95


Puppy Problems? No Problem! A Survival Guide for Finding & Training Your New Dog

Brenda Aloff, author of the Maxwell Medallion Award winner Canine Body Language and Get Connected with Your Dog, now brings you a book that will make your dog owning experience with your new puppy or rescue dog everything you dreamed it would be!

This book goes beyond any of the other puppy books out there and brings you Brenda's 20 years of experience working with problem dogs as a professional pet behaviour consultant. This gives Brenda a unique view of what owners should have done to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. She says, "Many of the sad situations that occur do not have to be. Education on the person's part combined with humane and effective technique can make dog ownership the joy you imagined it would be!" Training your dog should be a shared and fun experience that enhances the relationship you have with your dog. This book will lead you through each "problem" and in an easy to understand step-by-step program will show you how to make big differences in your dog's behaviour.

This book comes with a DVD that shows you exactly how to carry out the protocols in this book. The Table of Contents is filled with all of those common, but irritating issues that come up in daily life with a new puppy or dog and solutions for each one. The DVD is super and even children can watch the training steps and then follow the steps to gain success with your family pet. (Of course, children will need parental supervision, as well.)


Paperback: 312 pages
Publisher: Dogwise Publishing (September 26, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1617810517
ISBN-13: 978-1617810510


Reader Reviews (Read More)

"I have trained with Brenda in all capacities for over eight years. My dogs and I have been the happy recipients of her training methods and have sent many people to her for help. Although the title of this book says "puppy", this book is by no means just about training puppies. Brenda's methods are for dogs of all ages and teach the handler to be more proactive and to be able to handle everyday problems and questions about their dogs. I highly recommend all Brenda's books, but the methods she uses in this book will help all dogs." ~Eddie Maxwell

Positive Reinforcement: Training Dogs in the Real World

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

(available at

Positive Reinforcement Training: Training Dogs in the Real World

Operant conditioning is a specific type of learning whereby behaviours are altered or changed primarily by manipulating the consequences that follow them. Author Brenda Aloff uses the theory of operant conditioning and applies it to dog training in this informative book.

Written by an experienced dog trainer in language that the novice can easily understand, this step-by-step guide to reliable obedience and effective training method is based on the belief that the best way to teach your dog appropriate behaviour is to use positive reinforcement instead of punishment.


Paperback: 207 pages
Publisher: TFH Publications (May 1, 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0793805252
ISBN-13: 978-0793805259


Reader Review

"Fixed action patterns, negative punishers, unpredictable avoidance responses, bridges, and reward marks... OH MY!!! Do these terms make you dizzy? Do you want to train your dog using the most gentle and effective way, but phrases like successive approximation make you lose interest?

Brenda Aloff has finally done it ... In this wonderfully written and funny book, she explains all of the terms and methods for training your dog the fun and easy way. One-by-one she shows you the proven techniques for shaping your dog's behaviour into that of a well-behaved canine companion. This book also has a lot to offer the more-advanced dog trainer, and even obedience/agility instructors!

As the owner/handler of Fox Terriers, a notoriously difficult breed, Aloff makes it clear that all dogs are trainable if you know how to communicate with them clearly. She is also careful to emphasize that when training your dog it's "the journey that counts" and that the desired behaviour is of no consequence if you have ruined your relationship with your dog in the process!

I especially enjoyed this book because although she stresses using a reward mark, or a "clicker," she also discusses training WITHOUT one! I have a noise-sensitive dog who is actually scared to death of clickers, so this was of great use to me. I am able to apply her methods, even though I'm not using a clicker.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in dog training... if your goals are professional, a hobby, or just for fun. This is a great book!". ~ A. Johnson

Brenda Aloff's Fundamentals: Foundation Training for Every Dog DVD
Foundation Training for Dogs - DVD
Price: $34.95


Brenda Aloff's Fundamentals: Foundation Training for Every Dog DVD

Promote a great relationship with your dog, establish consistent behaviours for easy, reliable handling and lay the foundation for more advanced training with this great DVD. Whether you're working with a young puppy or an older dog, this is the perfect tool for the professional trainer or the motivated owner.

Topics include:

  • Eye Contact
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Leave It
  • Down

Foundation Behaviours for Every Dog shows you the actual training of two nine-week-old puppies. One is cooperative, while one is mouthy, over-active, and reactive - just like dogs you've known, right? Brenda explains and clearly demonstrates techniques that will train your dog to be a safe and reliable companion using gentle, positive methods. What do you do when the puppy just will not attend to business? How do you cope with the constant biting that is so common in puppies when you are trying to teach them something? This DVD shows you REAL training in REAL time. Plus, with the DVDs handy menu system, you can choose specific chapters and views to look at or you can go through all the training exercises chronologically.


Publisher: Dogwise; DVD edition (July 30, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 192924228X
ISBN-13: 978-1929242283


Reader Reviews (Read More)

"Excellent, everyone should watch and work the tips and skills taught in this video when getting a new dog and/or puppy. I took the Fundamentals class with my dog and still learned more tips in this video--where you can go back and watch it over and over." ~critsit

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