FUNdamentals Students: NEW Log In Instructions

I am so excited to tell you that we have made some changes and improvements to my website!  And soon (the date is a secret!) we will publish the updated web site (hint: It will be in the next week). When this happens, the location for you to log into the FUNdamentals Certification Course will change. Your username and password are the same as always!

So, here are your new instructions:

First, wait until you see the NEW website is published.  How will you know?  Because the homepage,, will look like this:

new look 2018

Then, you can log in right there on the homepage!  See the orange login button? 

There is a second place/page you could log in also, the "new" Virtual Academy page: 

It WILL look like this (note the orange login button there, too!).  

virtual academy1 arrow

When you log in, you'll be taken to the Virtual Academy page.  You'll know you are logged in as the orange button text has changed to: "Virtual Academy - LOGOUT".  Now, you enter your FUNdamentals Course one of two ways:

(1) Click on the blue button that says. "FUNdamental Trainers Certification Course" OR

(2) Click on the graphic for the FUNdamentals course. From there, follow the directions (a couple of clicks and you'll be there).

virtual academy2 arrow

That's it!  You'll feel right at home as your FUNdamentals Course is just as it was the last time you logged in.

By the way, a really BIG change in my website is that I have expanded and improved (and moved) The Engaged Dog Course to my website!  More info to come about that soon!