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Is Your Computer Ready for Online Courses?

Before you begin a course, confirm that your computer supports the requirements of online courses.

Take a Test Drive: 4 Easy Steps

Take a Test Drive

We recommend that everyone "test drive" this web page to ensure your computer is set up for a great online course experience.  We'll guide you through these four steps:

  1. Use an up-to-date internet browser - this is VERY important!!
  2. View a video
  3. View a PDF document
  4. Listen to an audio file

Are you ready? Let's Begin ...

Do you have the latest version of an internet browser installed on your computer? 

Browsers are software that let you view web pages. Do you know what browser you are using? You can check here:

These are the most common internet browsers.  You should have at least one (or two!) up-to-date internet browsers installed on your computer.  

  1. Chrome
  2. Safari (comes already installed on your Mac computer)
  3. Firefox
  4. Edge (comes already installed on Windows 10 computers)
  5. For iphones and ipads, we have found that the Puffin browser works very well.

If so, good!  If not, install and/or update for your favorite browser. We have found through trial and error that Chrome seems to perform best on most computers.

Next, view this video:

If you cannot view this video, first ... did you update your browser to the most current version available for your computer/operating system?  If not, do that first, then check again to see if you can view the video.

View this PDF file:

Name Recognition and Memory Markers (pdf file)

Most browsers have PDF readers installed.  If not, you can add one.  Adobe Reader is popular and free.  Get it here: a tip:If you are downloading Adobe Reader, be careful to download only the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free. Read the options carefully and "uncheck" any optional offers. That way you don’t end up paying for or installing additional software that you don’t want.

Listen to this audio file:

By now, all four systems should be "GO".  Congratulations!

Does This Mean My Computer is OK for an Online Course?

If you passed all four steps above, your computer is set up to give you a good experience in the courses.

Can I Use a Tablet to View the Courses?

Our platform supports tablets for the video-viewing, but you will eventually need a way to print out and download materials. So, you either need to use a computer for this, or have a modern printer set up to print from a tablet.

What About My Internet connection?

The speed of your internet connection will affect the quality of the video.  If the sample video played OK for you, your internet speed is adequate. Most broadband internet services available today will have sufficient speed. However, if you’re in a part of the world that offers only dial-up or low-bandwidth DSL and cable, you'll need to decide if it works OK for you by taking the Test Drive (above). A high-speed internet connection will give you the best viewing experience for the videos.