The Engaged Dog - Dog Trainer Training with Brenda Aloff

Puppy Chronicle 1

puppy chronicles 1If you say "Yes!" to any of these questions, you will want to enroll in this course:

  • Do you love dogs?  Are you getting a puppy?
  • Are you curious about Canine Social Development?
  • Desperately searching for the way to "get it right" next time?
  • Thinking, "Should I breed my own litter?"
  • Already a breeder and looking for ways to make your litters the best they can be?

Brenda Aloff draws from her experience in research and observation to teach you these skills: View ALL Lesson Titles

This project has been such a joy! It has included 3 years of research, continuous observation and data collection.

Dog sports. Working Dog People. We are indeed a special - sometimes VERY special ; ) group of people. We are obsessed and we want to get it just right. How to make that happen right from the very start - the importance of building certain types of neural networks very early ... and how to get that job done.

This course reviews the true story of four puppies, numerous other species and some humans, all thrown together, with cameras. It covers what happens when it happens in the real world.


 View ALL Lesson Titles

Why "Puppy Chronicles 1"?

This is such an awesome opportunity! Especially if you are a dog nerd. I collected data on the body language as it appeared in each puppy. I obsessed about the organization of the material into the Sensitive Development Stages. I included articles and research about vision, hearing, temperatures… name it. Here it is: Step-by-step what we did during each of those Sensitive Development Stages and WHY it needed to be done in that time frame.

This is not just for Breeders. In fact, it is for the dog-obsessed, those of us who are so in love with this species that we want to know everything about it.

You will never look at dogs - or your dog! - the same ... not once you have taken onboard the knowledge that I am going to share with you after 3 years of painstaking research and adding my lifetime (25+ years dog training) of animal training knowledge onto that.

Ever wonder how to choose the best puppy? Temperament Testing? What should you pay attention to when you are talking to a Breeder? Yup. We got all that covered, too.

Over a six-month period, you will be able to move through the lessons at your own pace - AND with my help. You will have access during live-via-web Coaching Calls with me, Brenda Aloff, throughout the entire six months. You will have access to previous calls, too (they are recorded!) so if you miss a call, no worries ... you won't lose out on the knowledge.

If you desire extra help, I offer a reduced-fee on phone and video consults to all my Virtual Dog Training Academy students.

Study and learn with written, audio and - best of all - video content. There are worksheets, too, to help you stay on course and organized. There is a private Facebook Group, open only to The Virtual Dog Training Academy students, for students to interact and continue to learn. 

Getting a New Puppy?

I talk puppy people off the ledge all the time. Instead of enjoying this all-too-short and yet way-too-long stage, people spend the initial time with the new puppy excited, overwhelmed, frustrated and second-guessing themselves.They worry, they feel guilty, they wonder if they are up to the job.

Yes, YOU CAN BE up to the job, and we show you how.


For Nerds: What About the Science?

  • I cover that, too. With detailed looks at the different sensitive development stages. We specifically did a whole battery of protocols in order to make the puppies the best they could be when they went to their new homes.
  • You get the protocols in this course.
  • But more than that, I did loads of research on nature vs. nurture. What traits are inherited? What behavioural traits are changeable. What traits are you stuck with?
  • I talk a lot about desensitization and habituation. How do you use these to your advantage?
  • I get asked a lot of questions about how I handle this thing or that thing with my dogs. How do I live with my dogs? What mistakes do I make? Do I realize they are mistakes as I am making them? How do I clean up after my own training errors and mishaps?
  • What are those Critical Development Stages - and why are they such a big deal?
  • Sorting out the Science - I did it for you, you just get to enjoy learning it without all the perusal of rather dry tombs of research.

Join us, for a fun and very serious look at what Breeders can do to help puppies be the best they can be.