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Brenda Aloff with TrixieIt is easy to find information about teaching a dog to sit or lie down or come when called. Brenda Aloff goes beyond this to show you a coherent plan that will evolve into a sounder and deeper relationship with your dog.

Brenda's clinics emphasize relationship based exercises, as well as some learning theory topics; body language and how to use the dog's own body language during the training process and as feedback to the handler. These exercises become a venue for trust and respect between dog and handler. They are designed to negotiate with the dog in his own language about instinctive behaviors (impulse control and the opposition reflex).

The teaching emphasis is on watching "intention behaviors" – using them to predict what will happen next and as the dog's feedback in the training conversation. Learn how to manipulate "air space" and use the dog's body language as effective feedback. Understanding the dog's own language thereby enhances communication with people.

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I love to do clinics even though I may not love the travel ; ) But when I am working with all of the fantastic dogs and people I meet while working ... well there is just nothing like it! I enjoy the problem-solving and find it very gratifying to help those who attend.   If you wish to host a clinic, please contact me directly at . I can't wait to meet you! ~Brenda Aloff

What clinic hosts say about Brenda's clinics:

Brenda approaches the subject of dog behavior with compassion, understanding, wisdom and humor. She is down to earth with both her explanations and her teaching. Her seminars are very well spoken of and have met rave reviews by her colleagues, her students and we suspect by the many dogs whose lives have been improved and even spared by what their owners have learned. Come experience the Brenda Aloff connection.
- Queen City Dog Training Club

Brenda's extensive background in dog behaviour will give you a very perceptive look into what really makes your dog "tick". Learn how breed and temperament affect the competition training process and acquire techniques you can use to improve both engagement and performance. Brenda's workshops are action packed. She has an incredible sense of humor and will keep you laughing the entire weekend.

Brenda will teach a methodology based on positive and motivational techniques. As a previous attendee of one of Brenda's seminars I took a lot of notes of exercises to work on with my own dogs. I was magnetized by concepts covered in Brenda's presentation. i was able to add new techniques to my training repertoire with outstanding results.
- Janice Gunn of TNT Training in Van Couver, British Columbia

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Trust and Respect Needed for Success in Dog Obedience

Every good obedience trainer talks about how in the end the relationship is what you have to take with you in the ring. But most can't really explain to you how to achieve the combination of trust and respect that is needed at a high level for success in obedience classes.

Brenda Aloff has actually created a program, the one she calls "Get Connected", with specific exercises and progressions that is designed to do just that. Even with more experienced trainers, she immediately saw and jumped on holes in technique involving food delivery and placement. And yes, she is energetic, funny, and very entertaining. I have been to so-called comedy shows where I did not laugh as much as I did this past weekend. 

Laura Romanik
Radiant Competitive Obedience
2009 AKC Obedience Dog of the Year
2 OTCH Shelties - First AKC Obedience Trial Champion Beagle

Police, search and rescue dogs - training and handling

In my over 20 years of dog training and handling experience, including training performance dogs, police and search and rescue dogs as well as dogs "with issues", Brenda is by far one of the most knowledgeable trainers that I have ever worked with. A gifted author speaker and trainer, Brenda has the unique ability to combine theory with practice.

She not only understands the theory of how dogs learn and why they behave like they do but she also has the practical skills necessary to use that knowledge. Many people know the jargon and the theory and still others have well developed training techniques. However Brenda brings the two together in a way that is clear, effective and humane to both the dog and its handler. That she is able to do this in a caring humorous and entertaining way is an added bonus.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have her as a training resource as well as a friend and her teachings are an integral part of everything that I do with both client dogs as well as my own working dogs.  

Lucy Newton
Currently - Alpha K9 Instructor & Trainer at Randy Hare School for Dog Trainers
Former Police Sergeant & Handler of Police Patrol/Narcotics/Cadaver detection dogs
Former Member of New England K9 Search & Rescue & North American Police Work Dog Association
Former Canine Instructor at the Vermont Police Academy