We Love training dogs!

Local Training at the Heaven on Arf Training Center

Dog Trainers at Heaven on Arf Training FacilityNOTE:  We have no local classes scheduled at this time.

We want to see you and your dog having fun and improving your relationship with training. Because training really does make all the difference. It can take your dog from being a nuisance to a model citizen. And if your dog is already perfect (and of course your dog is, right?) then he or she will go from perfect to extraordinary!

Instructors at Heaven On Arf, LLC all share the same philosophy for continuity in your dog's training. This means as you go from class to class or instructor to instructor, we are all doing things the same way. This is important to us, as we know that consistency in training techniques makes for better communication between you and us and this same continuity makes it very agreeable to your dog's learning.

Registering For Classes

  • We have no local classes scheduled at this time.
  • Classes fill very quickly and we can only reserve a spot for those who have sent in their registration fee.
  • We limit the size of the class so that appropriate attention and assistance can be given to each student.  
  • We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express (call us to provide this information). Or, you can pay by check (mail it with your registration form). Make checks payable to HOA, LLC
  • Mail your Registration Form to: Heaven on Arf, LLC, 1711 Karat Rd, Midland MI 48640. Include your check or call us with your credit card information.
  • If you have questions, call the office at (989)631-8217 or email .  You will likely get a quicker response if you email us!
  • See directions to the Training Center

Download our Registration Form

If your dog has been reactive or displayed aggression toward other dogs or humans, please email us a note explaining the circumstances. If we can not determine if it is normal "puppy or doggy behaviour," we can schedule a private session for evaluation and for assistance with that behaviour. If you would like to audit a class, please email .

All instructors at Heaven On Arf, LLC have had extensive training time learning from Brenda. They are all experienced trainers, and many of us have had difficult dogs ourselves, so if your dog is a bit of a "special child" we know what you are going through, and our help will reflect that.

For someone to instruct here, they must have at least five years of training with Brenda, in addition to their prior experience. This is because dog training, while fun, is taken very seriously here. Only experience makes excellent dog trainers, it is not something you can learn haphazardly, nor just from a book. We want you and your dog to have fun and get exemplary and skillful guidance. Join us!