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rambo-on-computerIf pictures are worth a thousand words then videos must be worth a million words! We learn best by observing and watching, therefore videos are a valuable asset to any training program.

Below, you will find a variety of helpful training videos. Please come back often, as I'll be adding more videos over time. 


Jackpotting Demonstrated

This is Laura and Indy from Australia.

This is a clip of some coaching I did with her when I did a series of clinics Down Under.


Switching Game

Here Kim and Tigger practice the first approximations of a Switching Game.

Switching Game is that switch between high arousal and low arousal.


Friendly Dog Approach

Polite dogs arc on their approach to another dog.

At a clinic, two of the participants practice this with their dogs.


Impulse Control

Impulse Control is a requisite part of your dog’s education. In this video, I work with a rescued adult Cairn Terrier and a Standard Poodle puppy. I use "Get Between",  "Back Aways", and some other techniques. Each dog is worked about 10 minutes. When you use a good protocol and pay attention, it is amazing how the dogs work at the communication system you are developing between the two of you.


Comfort Hug Demonstrated

Using wraps of various sorts can help to stabilize and calm a dog, if the wrap is conditioned properly.

Here, we practice backaways, while the dog wears a Comfort Hug.


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