Learn How to Train Your Dog

Brenda Aloff currently offers TWO online courses in her Virtual Academy:

The Engaged Dog Training Course

Brenda Aloff draws from her experience in teaching and training dogs to teach you these skills:

Brenda Aloff
  • Control Your Dog without Reducing Drive
  • Teach Impulse Control
  • A Better Understanding of the Shaping Process
  • Skills for Socialization
  • Creating Effective Approximations
  • Improve Your Mechanical Skills
  • Read Your Dog Better & Understand What He Is Saying To You
  • Make Good Training Decisions Based on Learning Theory

If you say "Yes!" to any of these questions, you are going to want to enroll in this course:

  • Do you feel as if you are working hard, but still not quite where you want to be in your dog's training?
  • Have you read some of Brenda Aloff's books on dog training, but wish you could ask her some specific questions about the training exercises?
  • Are you having trouble finding a teacher that shares your philosophy for dog training?
  • Have you been to one of her dog training clinics and want to learn more?
  • Is your dog inattentive - right at that moment you really need her to be paying close attention to you?
  • Do you want to understood your dog better and use that knowledge to better train your dog?

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Dog Trainer Certification Program by Brenda Aloff

Be a Certified Dog TrainerThe FUNdamentals™ Instructor Certification Course is for dog trainers with at least 2 years of experience training dogs who are interested in developing, clarifying and certifying their skills.

You'll learn Brenda's FUNdamentals™ system for training dogs and have a variety of opportunities to demonstrate your skills while learning the materials in this course. This course combines online learning with webinars, on-site training, and mentoring with Brenda Aloff.  

Upon successful completion of the course, you'll be certified as a FUNdamentals™ Instructor.

What is the FUNdamentals™ Training Program?

Learn with Brenda AloffFUNdamentals™ is a wonderful system for training dogs. FUNdamentals™ includes teaching the dog Attentiveness, Self-Control, Body Handling and Foundation Obedience (including Sit, Down, Recall, Leave It, Walking Nice). It makes sense to dogs and to their owners, based on twenty years of experience in working with entry level dogs and students. These folks need special care and handling - and they become your consistent, future students, too.

FUNdamentals™ works because it is based on what dogs need to live happy lives with their human companions. It's a very different curriculum, not based on fads or trends, not based on military training (that is not always friendly to the lay-person), not based on performance training (that might have no interest to the basic pet person). Yet, FUNdamentals™ is an effective, pet-person-friendly training that will also interest performance dog and working dog handlers.

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