The Engaged Dog - Dog Trainer Training with Brenda Aloff

Brenda Aloff's Virtual Academy is available to teach dog trainers (professional and dog enthusiasts) to improve their dog training expertise, awareness, and results. Brenda offers THREE types of online education. 

1. Virtual Academy Courses:

Brenda Aloff's Virtual Academy Courses are in-depth courses, cost is $497 and up.

  • The Engaged Dog course is a six-month course including 100+ hours of videos, audio clips, hands-on exercises and written materials.  Read the FULL description for The Engaged Dog Course.
  • The FUNdamentals™ Instructor Certification Course (dog trainer certification) is for dog trainers with at least 2 years of experience training dogs. It takes about a year to complete this course. Read the FULL description for FUNdamentals Instructor Certification Course.
  • Puppy Chronicles, Part 1.  Are you curious about the development of your puppy? Want to know what helps to make a good start for performance dogs? Breeder? Choosing a new performance partner? This course is for you!

2. Virtual Academy Short Courses:

Brenda Aloff's Virtual Academy Short Courses are designed to dive deep into a more focused topic. You have access to your short course for 1 month and they include a Q&A Call (live or recorded, depending on when you enroll) with Brenda. You have access to the online content for one month and the cost ranges from FREE to $75.

View the FULL descriptions of the current Short Courses HERE.

3. Virtual Workshops:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Brenda Aloff created Virtual Workshops. The goal was to provide education to clients who had enrolled for her in-person workshops, which were then cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions. Now, she has made these VIrtual Workshops available to students across the globe. Cost for each Virtual Workshop is currently $197.

View the FULL descriptions of the current Virtual Workshops HERE.

The Engaged Dog
Courses with Brenda Aloff
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brenda 0483 200pxBrenda Aloff has been called The Dog Trainer's Trainer.

Her talent is to equip dog trainers (professional and enthusiasts) to improve their dog training results.To achieve this, Brenda blends learning theory topics and how to use the dog's own body language during the training process, a study of dog behaviour and her own protocols and exercises that she has personally developed over decades of success with dog training and teaching others to train dogs.

You'll find Brenda Aloff's training courses a 'new look' at common concepts and an introduction to new ways of thinking and training your dogs.

The teaching emphasis is on watching "intention behaviours" and using them to predict what will happen next. Brenda Aloff teaches trainers to better understand the dog's body language to enhance communication.