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I invite you to hone your dog training skills and learn about my training protocols. This course covers the protocols that I have developed and use successfully with dogs of every breed and every temperament. For a full description of this course, read the FULL course description

These are the same protocols that I introduce at a clinic, but at the clinic, we just don't have the time to explore beyond the first couple of approximations. In this course, we do have the luxury of time!

Over a six-month period, you will be able to move through the lessons at your own pace - AND with my help. You will have access to live-via-web Coaching Calls with me, Brenda Aloff, throughout the entire six months (we record these calls for you, too!).

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This course is a prerequisite for FUNdamentals™ Instructor Certification Course. You can learn more about FUNdamentals™ Instructor Certification Course here.