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Online Training

Join Brenda's Virtual Dog Training Academy to learn everything about training your dog.


Private consultations - by phone or video, or whatever you think will help you best.


Brenda travels the globe. View her Event Schedule or schedule a clinic.

Books & DVDs

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Local Training

Learn about local training classes at our Heaven on Arf Training Center.

Get Connected with Your Dog!

We Are All About Emphasizing the Relationship While Training Your Dog. 

Our services are focused on teaching you how to get the best performance and behaviour from your dog. 

Brenda Aloff

  • Brenda Aloff's Virtual Dog Training Academy offers online training.  In The Engaged Dog course, you will explore how to connect with and engage your dog and the science this are based on - in depth. Even experienced dog trainers often have holes in these Foundation Dog Training Skills and this course will help! Brenda also offers a certification course, FUNdamentals, to certify you to teach each entry level dog training class using Brenda's training system.
  • Brenda conducts clinics and workshops around the world - view her current schedule.  
  • The Reading Room contains free articles and videos by Brenda Aloff.
  • Private consults/behaviour consults are availalble if you want one-on-one help.
  • Brenda has authored excellent books and DVDs on dog training topics.
  • Local Training is available at Brenda's Heaven on Arf Training Center.

Brenda Aloff has helped thousands of students (literally!) find effective ways to modify their dog's behaviour and their own! She has taught students in the US and Canada and conducted clinics in Europe and Australia.

She lives her work with dogs and loves to share that knowledge. Brenda's teaching is based on empowering students and teaching them how to make good training decisions.

Her students not only improve the performance in their particular venue, whether that is SAR work, Competition Obedience, Agility, Tracking - you name it - but they also find that the relationship they have with their dog is more comfortable and loving.